Meet Juliana 

Through past life lessons, Juliana has learned the importance of self-love and confidence, and the impact it has on women all

over the world.


Juliana Goldberg has spent over a decade learning from the best in the industries of self-development and photography. With a passion and love for all things related to women empowerment and photography, Juliana created W Elegant Portraits. 


"My mission is to empower women by sharing their portraits and helping them see how truly beautiful they are.

I will provide you with the most beautiful images of yourself, and an unforgettable experience that it will

be forever cherished."


Juliana Goldberg 


Founder and CEO of

W Elegant Portraits.

 Married to her college sweetheart, together they reside in Las Vegas and raise their two beautiful kids,

and three puppies. 

Meet Amy

Known in the online marketing world as “Internet Amy”, Amy blends her 5 years as a professional photographer with her 15 years as an online marketing expert to bring the importance of branding to the forefront. She has helped her clients generate over 12 million dollars online by helping them clarify their vision, dreams and goals, build trust and rapport through their brand and leave them feeling renewed and excited about their business and purpose.


“She remembered who she was…and the Game Changed”


Amy Schildknecht

CHO of W Elegant Portraits

Mom of 2 amazing children, Cancer Survivor James

and World's Best Daughter Juliette. 

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