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Hello Gorgeous and
Welcome to Juliana Goldberg | Empowering Portraits,
What I love most about photographing women goes far beyond the beautiful
images we create; it’s the shift in confidence we see in every woman after their photoshoot.
It is truly priceless.
Our Empowering Experience is not just any photoshoot, it is an experience entirely of it’s own. From the moment you arrive at the studio, getting your hair and makeup done, to the time you receive your stunning images, you will receive a renewed air of confidence and empowerment!
Our goal is to make each and every woman feel special, beautiful, and confident
in the way that we all deserve to feel! If you are ready for that shift, we will be waiting to welcome you with a smile and open arms. That is our promise to you!
Contact us today and we will get YOUR experience started!
Smiles, Juliana Goldberg
and The Empowering Portraits Team.

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"I had the most wonderful experience during this photoshoot. Juliana coached me on how to pose and made me feel empowered and beautiful.The strawberries and champagne 🍾 were a nice touch as well. Such an incredible experience."

Liz Medley, 35 - Entrepreneur 

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